Nobility of Island Forge

Let it be heard that the following have availed
themselves in most honorable service to Island Forge!

(by pledging to my Kickstarter campaign)

Noble of Island Forge

The title Noble of Island Forge
is hereby granted to these most esteemed individuals:

  • Brooks Family
  • Tabor Family
  • cybergreen
  • Maximilian Montserrat
  • Tominator2
  • Viceroy Fox Puddles XIV
  • Mike Ferrier
  • Sean Dickinson
  • Ryan Percival
  • Chris Benson, Guy What Has Legs
  • Omali
  • Donald G. Goins
  • Anonymous
  • Imban
  • Peter StÃ¥hlberg
  • Craig P. Burns

Liege of Island Forge

The title Liege of Island Forge
is hereby granted to these esteemed individuals:

  • D.W. Brodsky
  • Jon Bon
  • Benjamin E. Baughman
  • zunder1990
  • Derek Yadlowski
  • demsbigins

Honorable Mention

And to all who supported this cause,
You have my gratitude!

(If you do not find your entitlement above,
please be sure to respond to the Kickstarter survey!)

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