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Published by in Beta on April 2nd, 2012

Special Announcement: Subscribe During Beta for a special price lock-in offer (and other membership benefits). Your subscription is greatly appreciated - Thank you for your interest in Island Forge!

Site Updates and Video

Published by in News on March 25th, 2012

There have been many site updates lately (and more are on the way), as well as a new introductory video on our new YouTube channel.

We plan to create more videos to show more aspects of the gameplay and island building features. Feel free to comment at YouTube for any video features you'd like to see! Also be sure to like Island Forge on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Latest Feature: Exploration Medals of Achievement

Try out the latest feature added during beta: Exploration Medals of Achievement. Vanquish 100% of the evil fog during an expedition and be rewarded with a medal. A different medal is awarded at each level of peril (Minion, Master, and Lord), as well as for solo versus party expeditions. Earn all six components to form the full Medal of Achievement for each island. See your medals at the Dock (along with an improved rating display) and Gatehouse (where you can set out on your next expedition).

As always, community input is welcome at the player forum!


Many Player-Prompted Improvements

We've been busy developing many gameplay and interface improvements to Island Forge, many prompted by input from beta players. Your feedback is most welcome and appreciated. We're inspired to have hundreds of registered players - and we're ready for hundreds more!

If you've tried Island Forge before, now is a fine time to have another look. Crafting, combat, healing, inventory, and a slew of other elements have been recently updated.

If you haven't tried Island Forge before, now is a fine time to check it out. Play free during Beta!

In addition to checking out all the latest gameplay improvements, try the Island Builder: Create islands and stories for others to explore! Player-created content is central to the world of Island Forge.

Island Forge Beta: Improved Story Editor

The last few Island Forge Beta updates have included several improvements (many prompted by playtester feedback - thanks for your input!). Story editing has been streamlined, allowing for more complex story composition.

Some really nice new islands have been created by beta players recently, so be sure to log in and check them out. Islands can be added and updated all the time, so there can always be somewhere new to explore.

If you haven't played before (or only tried once), come see what's new. The Mainland now features helpful quick start information to assist new players, and additional help is available in several places.

Join Beta today - We're still looking for more players and more islands!

Island Forge Beta: Improved Island Rating

Island Forge Beta v0.9.6.1 improves the island rating system. At the Wishing Well, players can rate each others islands. (Island authors can no longer rate their own islands.) Island ratings are shown at the Dock (destinations are sorted by overall average), Signpost (island visitation count and rating summary), and Wishing Well (details for the island's author). In addition, a couple new creatures have been unleashed. Island Forge continues to improve. Thanks to beta players for your continued feedback and support.

Island Forge Beta: Island Building Enhancements

Island Forge Beta v0.9.6 includes a number of island builder improvements. The most visible change is the validation and publication process. The island builder gives you creative flexibility, but some rules must be enforced. The validation tool is now clearer, as is the publication process.

Islands must be separated into two parts: in-town and out-of-town. The island builder can now show you how the game computes reachability on your map, by highlighting the in-town, out-of-town, and unreachable tiles. Scenery can be switched off to inspect the terrain.

The scenery tiles in the island builder tool have been rearranged to be easier to find. A more intuitive navigability flag has been added to many of the scenery tiles, which allows characters to pass through, rather than barring passage, so long as the underlying terrain is navigable.

We're especially excited to include a new feature for story authors: You can now place invisible actors on any scenery tile. This allows you to effectively turn any scenery element (even ones that aren't otherwise navigable) into an interactive story actor. For example, a building, signpost, or cow can now become part of your storyline.

Island Forge: Create your own islands and stories for others to explore!

Island Forge Beta: Improved Failure Behavior

Island Forge Beta v0.9.5.11 improves client failure behavior.

The Island Forge client software is overall rather robust to failures, and can usually roll with the punches. In some cases, on the other hand, such as running out of memory with an OutOfMemoryError, it is really best to just give up.

Previously, certain error conditions were ignored with blind optimism. One prominent example is running out of memory when an island's map is being rendered. This can result in a mostly blank map littered with graphic artifacts. You could actually control your character and keep playing, but you could not tell where you were.

Now, if any such exceptional condition is encountered, the client should pop up a big friendly message explaining that it cannot continue. It will even take steps to cleanly log out out of the world and shut down. In most cases, you can just start again.

Hopefully such failures will be rare. One side-effect is that some conditions, which would previously have been safely ignored, could now force the client to shut down. Through testing, the new error handling logic can be adjusted to deal with various cases appropriately (sometimes forcing shutdown, while ignoring others).

When errors do rear their ugly head, they will now, at least, present a friendlier face, and die gracefully.

Island Forge Beta Update: Spiders are Back

In Island Forge Beta v0.9.5.8 (released last night), you'll find several tweaks, balances, and improvements, as well as spiders!

Giant spiders (one of the several menacing foes that prowl the darkness) have been absent since the beginning of Beta. Hint: Find them lurking especially where evergreen trees grow.

Weapon and equipment crafting has been streamlined. You may craft items at, below, or above your character's level. Always craft responsibly; equipping the highest possible level does not always provide the optimal balance for your character's abilities.

Expedition reward points are now apportioned on a different scale, making map exploration an essential aspect of earning experience.

Higher grade weaponry are now more worthwhile, due to weapon damage, shield blocking, and armor resistance bonus rolls, which deal and prevent more damage. But, higher ranked creatures have similar rolls, making them all the more powerful.

Sound interesting? Many of these improvements were prompted by beta player input. If you're registered for Island Forge (play FREE during beta), we thank you for your comments. If not, sign up today at!

Performance Improvements (Thanks to Players)

Our thanks go out to the intrepid beta players! More than one reported particularly poor performance when ambushed by several creatures. The details they provided about the behavior led us to a portion of code that was excessively repainting. The latest beta release (v0.9.5.7) should greatly improve rendering speed.

In addition, complaints (rather, constructive feedback) regarding some navigational glitches have prompted significant improvement to the way pathing is handled. Thanks again for the input.

Island Forge is still looking for more beta players, so if you're already signed up, consider bringing in some friends!

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