The World of Island Forge

A Mysterious Darkness Encroaches

In a world of islands, a mysterious fog of darkness encroaches. Towns push back the tenacious fog, providing safe haven between the darkness and the sea. Yet, danger looms beyond each town's Gatehouse, for within the darkness lurk creatures bent on thwarting the progress of all those who venture therein.

Explore & Adventure

Towns are besieged by the fog, but brave individuals keep the darkness in check by facing its peril. By defeating creatures, rare and powerful materials can be won, allowing the intrepid explorer to craft weaponry and items to aid in adventures.

Stories & Quests

In a diverse world, there are many tales to be told. Each island may weave its own tale. Some stories are told through simple conversation with townsfolk. Other islands provide intricate quests, involving dynamic dialogue and tasks. (Read below for more about this world of player-created content!)


Innovative Gameplay

Unique Features Designed for Player-Created Content

Island Forge is the brand-new (yet old-school) MMORPG that's all about player-created content. Design islands and author interactive stories (with quests). Publish them to the world for everyone to play.

Gameplay involves classic RPG elements, provided in a brand-new way. Character development features a unique HP/XP leveling system. Earn Resources by fighting creatures on expeditions. Process Resources into Materials at the Millworks. Craft weaponry, equipment, spells, potions, and other itmes. Sell items at the Market to earn GP (Currency) for healing, leveling, crafting, and training.

Go solo or form party expeditions to play with others. Island Forge includes social features (chat, make friends, form expedition parties), but also provides a strong single-player experience. Play how you like - be creative, be adventurous, be social - Island Forge!

Create Islands with Stories for Others to Explore


More Details

See player-created islands in the Atlas

Design, Author, Publish

Use the Island Builder to arrange terrain, scenery, shops, and actors (non-player characters). Give your actors interactive dialogue with multiple-choice responses, quest tasks, and branching logic to direct your story.

Publish your island to the world for others to explore, leave feedback, and rate your island. Check your town's Wishing Well, Signpost, and Inn for comments, visitation, ratings, and messages. The Dock lists all islands of the world.

Explore, Fight, Craft

Travel to any island via the town Dock. Venture through each town's Gatehouse on solo or party expeditions to explore the terrain, clear the fog, combat creatures, and collect resource rewards.

Earn experience with a unique hybrid HP/XP leveling system. Process resources and craft useful items to enhance your character. Classic old-school elements (weaponry, shields, armor, spells, potions, rings, and more) in a brand-new player-created world.

Social or Solo

Island Forge features a variety of social features, but also provides for strong solo play. Follow stories and quests at your own pace. Go on solo expeditions or form an expedition party. Characters of all levels can enjoy the same cooperative experience, due to the innovative level design. Earn separate solo and party medals for clearing islands of the tenacious evil fog.

Towns are shared space, where online players can meet up, chat, make friends, check messages at the Inn, rate each other's islands and leave feedback at the Wishing Well, as well as utilize the local shops and services (such as crafting items, healing, and training). Form a solo or party expedition at the town's Gatehouse to explore the wilderness, follow quests, fight creatures, earn resources, and clear the fog. Expeditions are instances (rather than shared space), so you can explore at your own pace with only the members of your party.

Social features in a world of classic role playing


Unique Features Designed for
Player-Created Content

  • Flexible Storytelling & Quest Engine
  • Unique Health & Experience Hybrid
  • Innovative Leveling • Craft Economy
  • Island Ratings • Solo & Group Play
  • Open Towns & Expedition Instances

Brand-New Old-School MMORPG

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