About Island Forge

Potential Games LLC

Potential Games LLC is a single-developer, micro-budgeted, totally-independent game development company. We strive to create games that appeal to casual yet serious players who appreciate a creative and engaging experience.

Creating Island Forge

Fueled by determination (and coffee), we have developed Island Forge entirely in-house and from scratch (in the Java™ Programming Language), in order to bring you a unique and creative experience, focused on player-created content.

From the Developer

Island Forge is designed, developed, coded, supported, and maintained by one developer (me). You can find me in-game (and elsewhere) as Nyhm.

I'm passionate about Java application development, distributed protocols, cryptography, and games. I've held corporate, academic, and games industry positions, and now I'm excited to be the founding member of Potential Games LLC.

I've wanted to create an MMORPG since before RPGs were MMO. My primary motivation is to provide a game (Island Forge) in which players can be creative and explore each other's creations: Create your own Islands with Stories for Others to Explore! I also love old-school games, and much thought has gone into designing the gameplay to be a unique take on classic role-playing.

It has been personally rewarding and inspiring for me to interact with each of the players I've had the opportunity to meet. I look forward to seeing you in-world! - Nyhm

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