Island Forge: Now with Coinage!

Published by in Beta, News on May 21st, 2012

Island Forge introduces the last major gameplay component of Beta!

Towns now have a new Market shop. Sell items to the Market for GP (Coinage).

Heal, level-up, craft, and train with GP. Crafting also requires Materials, which are gained by processing raw Resources that you earn on Expeditions (by defeating Creatures). Character level is tied to Hit Points (HP), so you must maintain your health to maintain your level. Healing cost increases with level, making higher levels more difficult to attain (and maintain). Reaching higher levels allows you to craft higher-level items, which are worth more at the Market.

Authors are encouraged to add a Market shop to your islands and re-publish, so other players can enjoy the new economy system on your island.

As with everything in Beta (and beyond), player feedback is most welcome, so please provide your comments here, on the player forums, or elsewhere.

Be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on the latest developments. Thank you for your interest in Island Forge!

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